the victor mural

Under supervision of general Manger
of department painting: prof / Mohamed Oraby.
The Victory Mosaic was designed by Alaa Awad in Luxor, Egypt and was constructed with a team under the direction of Alaa Awad. and Under supervision of general Manger of department painting  : prof / Mohamed Oraby
 The team consisted of students and instructors from South Valley University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Mural Painting.  It was inspired from the battle scenes found in Ancient Egyptian site Habu Temple. The material used to construct the mosaic was mosaic and glass. The approximate size is 6 x 4.8 meters. It was installed in late November, 2017 on the sports hall building of South Valley University campus in Qena, Egypt. The mosaic took one year to complete.

Team work student:

– Asmaa Elhabet
– Nada Biomy
– Rofida Abd Elmohsen
– Aya Asad
– Maria Atef
– Mona Hassn
– Ahmed Bendak

Faculty members:

– Assistat  Lecturer / Alaa Awad
– instructor / Saleh senosy
– Lecturer / Manal Mubark
– Assistant Lecturer /Mahmoud Soliman
– Assistant Lecturer /Samir Sharawy
– instractors /Yasmin Elkady