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Noot – Room 039

hotel 128 – 2018
 Street Art City de Lurcy-Lévis France

L’artiste égyptien, établi à Louxor: Alaa AWAD réalise pour la première fois en France, une oeuvre, à Street Art City (à Lurcy Lévis, près de Moulins – 03). Fabuleux lieu de découvertes, d’échanges et de partages entre des visiteurs de toute l’Europe et des artistes du monde entier, venus exprimer leurs talents sur les murs intérieurs, mais aussi extérieurs de ces 70 000 m² de bâtiments, auxquels Sylvie et Gilles ont su redonner vie!!!

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Hotel 128 is an exhibition hall for international artists. The Noot Room is inspired by Egyptian cultural heritage, an alluring fusion of both Ancient Egyptian art and the contemporary culture of Sufi festivals in Luxor, Egypt. The ceiling of the room features an inspiration that encompasses the sky and the Zodiac of Cleopatra according to the Ancient Egyptian interpretation, which highlights the fantastic astronomical depictions founds in the Dendara Temple. The walls are influenced and are a unique blend of modern day Sufi festivals and the Ancient Egyptian Opet Festival which was celebrated annually in Luxor.

Special thanks to Corinne Barrois and Street Art City.


El Burullus – 2016
Upper Egypt Egypt

The symposium El Burullus for mural paintings and a special feature of paintings on boats in 2016 . Exhibition was organized by the foundation of artist Abd Elwahab Abdelmohsen, for art & cultural development.

This is a part of the Sufi festivals in Upper Egypt. The public celebrates by horses, racing, dance and fencing by long sticks, with Sufi music, drummers and pipers. This celebration takes place every year in each town and city, at different times.

Battle of the Sea

Burullus – 2015
Upper Egypt Egypt

The 2nd Burullus Symposium for murals and a special feature of traditional Pharoanic boats painted by featured artists.

This is inspired by the relief mural on Habu temple of King Ramses III. The Sea Peoples are a purported seafaring confederation that attacked ancient Egypt and other regions of the East Mediterranean prior to and during the collapse of the Late Bronze Age (1200–900 BC).

Since the nineteenth century, this has been one of the most famous chapters of Egyptian history, given its connection with the work of Orientalist Wilhelm Max Müller. Their origins uncertain, the various Sea Peoples have been proposed to have originated from places that include western Asia Minor, the Aegean, the Mediterranean islands and Southern Europe.

Memorial for Maat

Project of Cities of Colors – 2016
Luxor Egypt

This Mural workshop was an extension of the mural from 2015. The workshop was conducted with the independent youth and students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, South Valley University in Luxor, Egypt. Supported by Egyptian Ministry of Youth.

This Mural workshop was an extension of the mural from 2015. The workshop was conducted with the independent youth and students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, South Valley University in Luxor, Egypt. Supported by Egyptian Ministry of Youth.


Downstreet Art in North Adams – 2014
North Adams USA

In North Adams – USA for the gallery MCLA and Down Street Art was created for long wall paintings. It shows in the middle the egyptian goddess of justice ʺMa’atʺ, to left side the fight for the justice and on the right their homage.

As part of “Thebes,” Awad has created an original mural along the Route 2 overpass, which was unveiled on June 26th in conjunction with the 2014 launch of MCLA’s Downstreet Art gallery program. The mural is entitled “Justice.”

It is on Center Street in North Adams. The mural, as well as the gallery opening, mark Awad’s first exhibition and commissioned mural in the United States.

Alaa Awad USA Mural in Process

the Cache

Kunsthalle – 2013
Baden-Baden Germany

Cache (2013), acrylic on wall. An expression of the society of Egypt, inspired by the heritage and culture of Ancient Egypt and modern life. Depicts the women and Buraq of Sufi culture (horse with the face of a woman).

People wait for a leader (the large portrait of a man), then workers, farmers and soldiers fight Terrorism.

Occupy Utopia

The IMAGES Festival „Occupy Utopia“ – 2013
Copenhagen Denmark

A special series of murals painted for the IMAGES Festival with the 2013 theme, „Occupy Utopia“. This multi-cultural platform featured over 40 world famous

artists from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. The IMAGES Festival is Scandinavia’s largest contemporary international arts and culture festival.

the missing mural

the missing mural – 2012
Cairo Egypt

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