From 01 to 23 September 2018, he has the Exhibition "EL TAHTIB" in Haras National de Lamballe - France.

Exhibition „EL TAHTIB“ – المرماح

After Street Art City, artist Alaa AWAD will continue, making his first exhibition of paintings, in France!
In Brittany, in the Arts gallery, at Haras National de Lamballe (22), from 01 to 23 September 2018, on the theme of horses and El Tahtib (literally „dance stick“: ancestor of Martial Arts).
It will welcome you with great pleasure!

El Tahtib – Or literally „The Art of the Stick“
This Egyptian ancestral martial art had almost disappeared and is now inscribed in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity of UNESCO, since the 30/11/16. The first traces are found on the tombs of the pharaohs of the 5th Dynasty (2800 BC). What would make it the oldest art martial. It was a fighting technique. Gradually became a non-violent game, it was transmitted, accompanied by dances, songs and traditional music.



Alaa Awad - Exhibition ELTAHTIB - Haras National de Lamballe – France
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The exhibited pictures